Booking Conditions:

  • You must come alone to your session
  • You will need to remain in the vocal booth for the duration of the session and cannot enter the mixing room whilst the engineer is there
  • You must cancel your session if you have any of the known symptoms
Payment and cancellations
  • Payment is taken at the point of booking. You will need a valid bank card to make payment (you do not need to make a Paypal Account).
  • You must give at least 2 days notice to change or cancel a booking, or the payment will be considered final. If you make a booking that is less than 3 days away, you must let us know within 1 hour of creating it if you need to change it. Bookings cannot be changed online – just send us an email or a text message and we’ll sort it out for you.

Please can we remind all our clients that it is illegal to possess or take any classified drugs. Anyone found to be in possession or taking any drugs on or around the premises will be banned from returning to the studio. It is also illegal to smoke inside the Radio Plus building.


As this is a shared building, and Radio Plus is a Christian radio station, we request that clients try to use clean language when in the building. Some coarse language in your lyrics is acceptable, however if the content of your music is racist, abusive or promotes illegal activities, we reserve the right to refuse future sessions.