Studio Closure

Due to the new lockdown measures in England, Push Record will be closed for sessions from Thursday the 5th of November until the 2nd of December.

Please be aware of the following measures:

  • You must come alone to your session
  • You will need to remain in the vocal booth for the duration of the session and cannot enter the mixing room whilst the engineer is there
  • You must cancel your session if you have any of the known symptoms (and you should get a test)

We will clean the vocal booth including the microphone, popshield and headphones in between sessions.

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You must complete online payment for your booking to be created, and you'll get an email to confirm your booking.

Your details aren't shown to others on the booking system.
By making a booking you agree to the conditions of booking, including our strict no drugs policy.
If you violate the conditions we will terminate your session and retain the session fee.