Push Record offers a comprehensive recording service, suitable for every conceivable instrument using up to 16 microphones simultaneously.
The recording booth is suitable for vocals, acoustic instruments and small drum kits. For larger bands and those looking to do recordings playing as a band, One Nation Studios has a much larger recording suite, a bigger range of microphones and outboard gear and a choice of 3 engineers including the owner of Push Record.

Microphone selection and positioning is crucial in achieving the best recordings. A studio technician with knowledge and experience can choose the best options and allow you to get on with creating your music.

The condition of the recording space also affects quality, and an isolated (no outside noise) and acoustically treated (controlling the amount of sound reflection in the room which can colour the recorded sound with undesirable frequencies) place to record is essential to get the best out of the recording and make the mixing process easier. The studio at Push Record is all of these, with full sound treatment and isolation, and air-conditioned too!

Recording the most accurate sound direct from source allows for effects to be added in a controlled manner later.

You can of course take the recorded tracks away with you in accessible formats for your own production, and if you use Logic Pro, you can have a copy of the project file to make things easier for you.